Rakesh Partapsing

Dance Instructor

Experience in Salsa

Started since the age of 14 in the year 1998 as active salsa dancer at dance school Salseros.
Grown up to the youngest advanced salsa dancer, he decided to spread his wings in, among other things, Bollywood streetdance, where he performed several times on the big stage with internationally known bollywood actors.
In 2003 he participated in the successful Salseros show team with performances throughout the Netherlands.
Meanwhile, for many years active as a teacher of salsa partner and salsa solo for women.

Experience in the Zouk / Lambada

With the enthusiasm with which Claudio Gomes introduced the zouk in the Netherlands, Rakesh decided since 1999 to draw his attention to the zouk. The slowly flowing movements, graceful hairmovements and playing with the dance in music, makes it a real pleasure for him to dance.
After several workshops at home and abroad (including Adilio Porto and Jaime Aroxa) he decided that everyone had to learn this dance. He now has complete knowledge of the male and female movements for the forms zouklove, zouk-revolution, soulzouk and modern zouk.

Since 2005, a strong love for the lambada has arisen because of the energetic appearance of the dance.
Every dance is seen as a challenge, and the faster, the more fun.
Because of the strong urge to dance lambada, Rakesh has decided that the dance should at least become known as the zouk in the Netherlands.

Experience in the Axé and Zumba

With the love for Brazilian music, learning and teaching the many samba aerobics songs (also known under Axé) could not be left behind. After this energetic aerobics had conquered the heart, of course, zumba fitness had to be started.

At Jenna Bostic from the USA the certificate was successfully obtained as a zumba instructor on May 24, 2009.

Certificate part 2 obtained on November 21, 2009 at Jenna Bostic. Is part of ZIN community Network

Rakesh now provides workshops and courses in both the zumba and axé.
Since June 2009 the name ZumbAxé has been registered and Rakesh shows have been performed throughout the Netherlands with the ‘ZumbAxé show team’.

Experience as a teacher and choreographer

More than 3 years working as salsa, salsa solo, zouk and lambada teacher at dance school Salseros. Workshops provided in the zouklove throughout the Netherlands. Through his daily activities as an analyst / researcher in physics he knows how to trace and solve every problem within a few seconds, so that every novice dancer can master the steps within no time.
Rakesh is now a professional teacher in salsa, zouk, lambada, axé and zumba.
He also accompanies the ‘ZumbAxé show team’ as a choreographer with performances throughout the Netherlands

Event organizer and founder of dance school Just Latin and ZumbAxé

Since 2004 co-founder of the most famous monthly salsa dance event in Rotterdam Salsa @ The Airport.
Since 2008 owner of dance school Just Latin where the motto is: Bailar con amor, or dancing with love, for an affordable price.
Since 2008 organizer of the exclusive mega dance festival SalsaMadHouse which is held 4 times a year in the Kuip, Rotterdam.
Since 2009, ZumbAxé’s supervisor and choreographer.