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Salsa has a long history that actually began at the end of the 15th century when Columbus discovered Cuba (1492). The local population was then used as slaves on the plantations. Extra slaves were later taken from Africa.

The drum music, rhythms and singing of the African slaves mixed with the flamenco music of the Spanish settlers and the traditional music of the (original) Cubans. This ultimately results in a cheerful, lively dance music, the mambo.

After World War II many South Americans settled in the United States. Puertoricans, Colombians and Venezuelans. They mainly settled in New York and Los Angeles. They took their own dance types: rumba, bomba, cha-cha-cha, momba and plena.

In this period Cuba was a popular holiday destination for many Americans, who in this way came into contact with Cuban mambo (and other music and dance types). Returning tourists were very enthusiastic and thus contributed to the spread of Cuban music in the United States. This was reinforced when, after the Cuban Revolution, more and more Cubans settled in Miami.

All these types of music existed next to and mixed together. This latin style was especially popular in New York.
Today, the word Salsa covers almost all Latin music, and not just the direct related types of music such as the “son” and “mambo.” Also the Dominican merengue and Colombian cumbia are more comfortable with salsa.

Important: No own partner required!

Practical information:

clothing: easy,
shoes: no sports shoes,
additional: –

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Beginners 1 – 2: Learn the basic movements in the salsa such as left / right turning, cross-body leads, Copas, loops and much more.
Everything is combined in fun variations that you can apply to fun salsa parties together with your dance partner.
You will also learn to dance like Merengue and Bachata and you will gain the necessary knowledge to recognize the music.

Half full 1 – 2: Here you learn some more complicated variations and the necessary open shines to give your dance some extra spice. Dances such as ChaChaCha and Mambo on 2 are also treated.

Advanced 1 – 2: Techniques such as spinning and show techniques are discussed here. The variations are becoming more and more complicated to offer a tasty challenge to every salsa lover.

Salsa for kids

The name says it all and the pictures on the website also show it: this course turns your child into a true latin star.
Watch with pride how your child learns salsa, merengue, bachata and even zouk in no time, after all children pick things up very quickly!
Your child gets extra development with the course in hand-eye coordination and learns to listen and follow better.
Besides the fact that they can also get that extra energy, they also get more friends and girlfriends!
Remember, young learned is old done, so come quickly with your offspring!
Age class: 6 years to 18 years.

Salsa4Kids 1: Here the basic steps in the merengue and salsa are taught. Techniques are dealt with such as left / right turning, cross-body leads and open shines.
If the children want to, there will be danced in pairs so that also nice partner exercises come to speak.
Furthermore, Chachacha and Bachata are taught as extras.

Salsa4Kids 2: Extra attention is paid to styling for both boys and girls. Open shines become much more complicated and techniques like the copa and double turn are treated. If the children want, there is danced in pairs so that also nice partner exercises are taught.
Furthermore, zouk, lambada and samba are taught as an extra.