Salsa Solo


Your partner cannot get off the couch?
You just can’t find a suitable partner to take with you on salsa lessons?
Do you want to dance with high variaty with all the attention on technique?
Do you want to do something onyour own styling?
Then sign up for the salsa solo for women only!
Here you can learn to move elegantly in no time. You get all the basic techniques to dance to salsa parties. After all, the woman only has to follow!

Practical information:

clothing: easy,
shoes: no sports shoes,
additional: –

Experience it yourself and visit one of our docents.

Follow trial lesson? Contact us via the ‘contact’


Salsa Solo 1: Here the basic techniques are treated in the salsa such as left / right turning, cross-body leads and copas.
To be able to amaze every man on the dance floor open shines are treated so that you can give away your own show.
Not only the salsa, but also merengue, bachata and chachacha are treated.

Salsa Solo 2: Particular attention is paid to female dancing by moving the arms in the right ways. The open shines become longer and more complicated, which leads to your own dance becoming even more varied. More attention is also paid to following the man.
Furthermore you will be taught the basis of the Zouk, Lambada, samba solo and samba aerobics.

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