Zumba Dance


Zumba is a fitness program inspired by Latin American dances. Zumba owes its origins to Alberto Perez, a dancer and choreographer from Miami who, with entrepreneurs Alberto Perlman and Alberto Aghion, made this phenomenon a worldwide success. In the meantime millions of Zumba DVD and merchandise have already been sold and there are more than 25000 official zumba instructors in the world.
Principles of Zumba
Beto Perez characterizes zumba as the resistant training and fitness schedule that strengthens the entire body toning and fat burning. It is a method that combines easy to follow dance steps with a lot of movement. Zumba is not only very nice but also very addictive, says Beto.
Music and Inspiration
Zumba is inspired by Latin American dance and music but also plays styles of other dance forms. The most common styles are salsa, merengue, chacha, cumbia, calypso, reggaeton, flemngo, rumba, pop and oriental dance. The music selection includes both slow and fast rhytmes so that a total body workout can be provided.
Zumba is unique in its kind precisely because there are so many different styles available.
Many people already have the tendency to go through the routine every day in order to stay fit and be comfortable in his / her skin.
In short …
Not only is zumba very nice, varied and addictive, it is also very healthy for the heart, kidney and vascular system. The calories and pounds fly off and you also learn the basics of many types of dance, which always comes in handy at birthdays, weddings and discotheques!
Suitable for all ages.
ALSO FOR MEN !!!! Practical information:
clothing: sportswear
shoes: sports shoes,
extra: water, towel.

Zumba Dance

Latin Vibez focuses more on dance than on fitness. Our docent will allow you to regain the pleasure of dancing without having to carry out all the steps correctly. In this way you will learn all the techniques needed to fully control the dance plus the necessary styling elements.
Of course we do not ignore the fact that it becomes a real workout where you sweat out the door afterwards.
Experience it yourself and visit one of our docents.The timetable can be found under the heading ‘courses’
The locations can be found under the heading ‘locations’
Follow trial lesson? Contact us via the header ‘contact’


Basic level: Introduction of zumba fitness. Basic elements of salsa, merengue, bachata, lambada, calypso, cumbia, chacha and reggaeton

Intermediate level: (= High Impact) More spirited dance steps with the dances introduced in the basic level. Introduction of dances such as oriental dance, Bollywood dance, samba, street dance and African dance. The tempo of music is also higher

Extreme level: (= Extreme Impact) Extreme workout where the tempo of the songs is very high and the frequency of changing steps is high. Explanation only through gestures. Great concentration capacity required.

Zumba 4 kids

Zumba4Kids is meant for all children !! It is about moving to music. Music is rhythm and culture. By means of exercise children learn new things that enrich them. These lessons are given in a way that they do not have to think, but only have to participate so that a piece of peace is won.

The building of the lessons consists of warm-up, dance steps and technique and a coolingdown.

In the warm-up words they are aware of the body parts and how the musculoskeletal system works. They learn dance passes that fit in certain rhythms, but they also learn how to move / dance freely in space with the learned passes. The lesson is concluded with a coolingdown.

Latin Vibez finds a cozy atmosphere without striving for perfection an important basis to give to the children, so that all children with their skills remain in their values.

All target groups Zumba4kids at Latin Vibez are given in series of 8 lessons. The last lesson is a presentation ‘Dance4Camera’. We know from experience that parents often can not attend a presentation and that the children do not like it when the parents are watching. Our solution for this is to make a video recording of their performance that is offered for sale on a DVD for a minimum price so that the whole family can enjoy it in the living room.

The series of 8 lessons are different in content, so your child can continue with the next series without finding it boring.

Zumba Gold

Scientific research showed that Zumba is very healthy. Zumba is also very good for seniors to stay fit and moving.
This is a specially developed program for not only the elderly

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