General conditions dance school Latin Vibez

1. Registration requires you to participate and pay for the course. If this is not answered, the claim will be collected. Possible collection and legal costs are for your account.
2. Your registration can be canceled if you have indicated to no longer wish to participate by e-mail up to 1 week after registration. Only in this case will refund of the course fee / down payments take place less any settlements. In all other cases there is no refund of the course fee. In highly exceptional cases it can still be decided to return the money minus € 15, – administration costs.
3. The amount due must be paid in full up to 1 week after the start of the first lesson. In case of no or incomplete payment you can be refused access to the lessons and will be transferred to collection.
4. It is not possible to catch missed lessons in a following course.
5. Students must show the lesson card at the start of the lesson. The lesson card also serves as proof of payment for the course (s). Access to the lessons can be refused if the lesson card can not be shown. In case of loss of the lesson card € 5, – will be charged.
6. It is not allowed to let someone else use your lesson card.
7. If you are unable to attend a lesson, please contact us by telephone (from 10 am to 5 pm) or by e-mail. If you do not answer, you can leave the voicemail. Name: a) for – AND surname, b) unsubscribe for course …, c) the day of the course, d) location, e) when you want to catch up.
8. Only if you deregister correctly you can catch up on the lesson elsewhere in the course.
9. If you come to catch up with a lesson without a partner, we can not guarantee that you can dance the whole lesson with a partner.
10. If a course is only provided one day a week, looking at all locations, then there is no possibility to catch up with the missed lesson, unless the teacher agrees to a general catch-up hour.
11. Overtaking is only possible: a) If the occupation permits on the desired day. b) In the same course.
12. If you and your dance partner want to follow the same lesson again the same week, you can do so at all locations at any time.
13. If there is a shortage of ladies / gentlemen in your course, there will be rotation. That way you can dance with everyone in the group. This naturally promotes the atmosphere within the group, and helps to increase your dance network. If you and your partner do not wish to take part in the change, you can of course state that.
14. Latin Vibez is not liable for loss of or damage to personal property. Therefore keep your valuables with you.
15. Visiting the dance school is entirely at your own risk. The (management of) the dance school is not liable for injury and / or damage of any kind as a result of the stay and / or the activities of the visitor on the premises of or in the dance school.
16. Latin Vibez reserves the right to refuse entry to dance schools or dance evenings without stating a reason, for which there is no restitution of the remaining tuition fees.
17. We reserve the right to make photos and video recordings for promotional purposes (website, flyers, etc ..) on our lessons / dance evenings. Requests for removal of the photos / images are rejected unless it has already been made clear to the board of Latin Vibez that they do not wish to be recorded.
18. The management of Latin Vibez is not liable for individual commitments made by the teachers and / or other staff of Latin Vibez, unless the commitments can be substantiated by means of written proof with the signature of the direct and a stamp of Latin Vibez.
19. Personal data are not provided to third parties.
20. When registering for a course, your email address is automatically added to our mailing file, after which you will receive the newsletter with course and dance news from time to time.
21. When moving house you are requested to provide your new address. You must also provide a change of telephone number / e-mail / hyves.
22. The dance school may cancel the course if there are justified reasons (including force majeure). This may include thinking of too few students, long-term illness, etc. In case of cancellation before the start of the course, the student is entitled to reimbursement of the full tuition fee. If cancellation takes place during the course, reimbursement of the tuition fees will be made minus any settlements.

House regulations dance school Latin Vibez

1. It is not allowed to take photos or video recordings during the dance lessons, unless the management has granted permission for this. This permission can be withdrawn at any time.
2. Students or visitors to our classes and dance evenings are not allowed to drink their own drinks, provided that denial is granted. Violation may lead to denial of the dance school, in which case no refund of the remaining tuition fees takes place.
3. No alcohol is served to persons under 16, no strong alcoholic drink to persons under the age of 18. Legitimation can be requested.
4. Personal hygiene is a must! It is advisable to fresh and clean clothes to the lesson and possibly. to use deodorant. In salsa, merengue and especially zouk is danced quite close to each other. If one of the partners does not smell fresh, that is not pleasant for the other.
5. A towel is required for fitness courses. Sport shoes should also be worn that do not walk on the street.

The terms and house rules remain in effect as long as you participate in courses. The above also applies in case of transfer (participation in the consecutive dance season without having to re-enroll)